Vista Consulting Group (“VCG”) is the operating and consulting arm of Vista Equity Partners. VCG drives value creation through operational excellence, which is a key differentiator in Vista’s success and ability to generate unparalleled returns. The VCG team works in conjunction with the Vista investment professionals and key portfolio company employees to help our current and newly acquired businesses strengthen their operations through the implementation of standardized, repeatable and proven processes and methodologies. These Vista Best Practices have been developed and refined over the last decade.

VCG is dedicated to providing multiple points of leverage to support our portfolio companies, which includes on-going assistance across the existing portfolio, as well as immediate and critical transformational change for our newly acquired companies. VCG provides direct oversight and helpful application of our Vista Best Practices through multiple layers of collaboration.  

Program Directors

Tactical and subject matter experts that lead the efforts of enhancing immediate and long-term value creation.

  • Core Software Implementations
  • Finance / G&A
  • Corporate Development
  • Product
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Services & Support
  • Training

Program Support

Functional employees that work to support multiple portfolio companies through repetitive processes that create efficiency and know-how at the VCG level

  • Drive immediate effectiveness of VSOPs
  • Rapid ramp-up and strict adherence ensure proper roll-out and quicker results
  • Implement cornerstone projects throughout the portfolio
  • Eliminate one-time spikes in company-level hiring and activity

Vendor Management

Vendor consolidation and combined purchasing power that creates immediate, bottom-line benefits and maximum cost-savings by leveraging economies of scale

  • Harness synergies by identifying purchasing trends, products, and service commonalities
  • Improved end-to-end sourcing
  • Preferred vendor relations across the portfolio creates consistent methodologies and  beneficial consistency
  • Specialized services for niche needs