Social Solutions Global, Inc. (“Social Solutions”) is a leading provider of SaaS-based performance management and case management solutions for the human services sector. Its solutions allow customers to measure the impact of their work on program participants, and to ultimately measure the effectiveness of their programs and initiatives. Social Solutions currently serves over 1,000 paying customers, including non-profit organizations and local, state, and federal agencies. Its customer base represents over 4,000 entities, 16,000 programs, and 76,000 users.

Social Solutions was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Baltimore, MD.

Vista Foundation Fund II made an equity investment in Social Solutions in July 2014.

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Community TechKnowledge

Community TechKnowledge (“CTK”) is the leading provider of case management and outcomes tracking software for small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations and foundations. More than 18,000 nonprofit organizations on 4 continents use CTK’s Apricot software to manage and report client metrics.


Social Solutions acquired Community TechKnowledge ("CTK") in June 2015.

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